ENREC ENGINEERS, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, is a leading CIVIL AND ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING COMPANY having its base at CHENNAI – TAMIL NADU. ENREC has been dynamically channelishing its ENGINEERING & TECHNICAL Capabilities in the field of WATER & WASTE WATER MANAGEMNET, TREATMENT & DISPOSAL, AIR POLLUTION CONTROL and HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT and Industrial and Domestic building construction. ENREC comprises a TEAM OF PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS well experienced in the PROJECT PREPARATION, TENDERING, CONSTRUCTION, ERECTION, COMMISSIONING & MAINTENANCE of CETP/ETP of various capacities and collection and conveyance system for different industries. ENREC’s PROJECT EXECUTION TEAM is well experienced in each and every aspect of CIVIL, MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL, INSTRUMENTATION, PLANT INSTALLATION, ERECTION, TESTING, COMMISSIONING AND MAINTENANCE. The results are highly effective confirming to the standards of POLLUTION CONTROL BOARDS.

ENREC undertakes jobs from CONCEPT TO COMMISSIONING Technology, Methodology and Service on a TURNKEY basis. TROUBLE FREE OPEARTION and timely completion is ensured. ENREC is proposing to establish a full fledged ENVIRONMENTAL LABORATORY at TIRUPUR through which the technological excellences of customized treatment solutions shall be achieved. ENREC opened its Branch office at KARUR, COIMBATORE and recently at Madurai to serve the industries better. ENREC has undertaken operation and maintenance of many CETPs, Individual ETPs and Sewage Treatment Plant including one at M/s. INDIAN AIR LINES LTD., M/s. L&T Ltd., and M/s. Perambalur Sugar Mills, M/s. EID Parry (India) Ltd. and many more. ENREC has completed the CONSULTANCY, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of CETP for a capacity of 1600 KL/day at ANGERIPALAYAM –TIRUPPUR (TAMIL NADU) to which 89 Dyeing & Bleaching industries are connected, and many numbers of chemical industries, tanneries, food processing industries, dairy industries and many more. ENREC is well experienced in the erection & commissioning of AEROBIC & ANAEROBIC SYSTEM. Though ENREC has erected both surface aeration & diffused aeration in Aerobic Systems, ENREC advice the modern revolutionary DIFFUSED AERATION TECHNOLOGY in the water & waste water management. ENREC assures its systems of treatment of SIMPLE, ECONOMICAL, MORE EFFICIENT and EASY TO OPERATE by using the latest technology. ENREC has set-up CHROME RECOVERY & REUSE SYSTEM plants at 11 tanneries in ERODE & CHENNAI and all the plants are efficiently working and proved to be the best of its kind. ENREC has executed collection and conveying system to collect and convey the trade effluent generated from the member units for the CETP at Angeripalayam TIRUPUR, Vanchi CETP, Andan Koil CETP at KARUR and Vettuvapalayam CETP, Tirupur.

Enrec has completed more than 65 numbers of salt recovery and reuse plant for treatment and reuse of dyebath liquor from dyeing units at Karur, based on Nano Filtration Technology. Enrec has successfully installed RO system for about 70 numbers of individual tanneries, dyeing units, chemical industries, engineering industries, hospitals, edible oil industries etc. in Chennai, Tiruppur and Karur and 1 No. of Common RO system for a Vettuvapalayam CETP, Tiruppur, for a feed capacity of 75 m3/hour of 2 sets. Enrec has completed several numbers of industrial building, residential and institutional constructions along with Rain water harvesting works. For Kovai Telungupalayam, Enrec supplied a ZLD plant of capacity 4000 m3/day during the year 2011-12. Enrec has completed many numbers of ETP, STP,CETP, R.O., N.F, U.F, and Multiple Effect Evaporator for various category of industries. ENREC has completed many Industrial Structures including the Poly carbonate Roofing Shed for EID Parry India Ltd ,Oonaiyur, Pudukkottai, and A.C Sheet Roofed Machinery Shed For M/s. JEE Flyash Products, Keerappakkam, Chennai in a record time. Similarly ENREC had completed an institutional Building, a Polytechnic College at Devadanappatti, Theni dist, for M/s DEVANGAR EDUCATIONAL TRUST, Chennai. Similarly Enrec has completed a multi storey (Stilt + 9 floors) residential apartments for M/s. Guru Ragavendra Promoters at Vanagaram Chennai. Enrec also completed a multi speciality hospital Sri Kumaran Speciality Centre, Tambaram, Chennai – 45. Enrec has completed many number of Individual buildings in an economical manner with latest design to the fullest satisfaction of clients.


1 1. Name and Address ENREC ENGINEERS
No.49, A-3, 13th Cross Street,
New Colony,
Chennai – 44.
2 2. Telephone No. Office
044 - 22381865, 22382319
044 - 22238756
3 Category & Service
Consultants and Contractors
1. Environmental and Civil Engineering
2. Turnkey and maintenance contractors for ETP/CETP/STP.
3. Specialist in Zero Liquid Discharge
4 Constitution of the Company
Names of Partners
1. P. Jeyakodi
2. J. Dhanalakshmi
5 Whether the consultant has been Registered with State Pollution Control Board Approved by TNPC Board
6 ISO Certification ISO 9001:2015
7 E.P.F. Code TN40128
8 TIN No. 33210882191
9 GST No. 33AABFE3594Q1Z0
10 CST No 693753 dt. 19.07.96. Area Code: 045
11 IEC No 0404007686 dt. 06.07.2004
12 Income Tax PAN No. AABFE3594Q
13 Service Tax Registration No. AABFE3594QST001


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Design, construction and commissioning on Turnkey basis

Wastewater treatment plants

Water and Wastewater treatment plants using conventional and high efficiency diffused aeration system, SAFF reactors, UASBR, MBR, MBBR etc.

Wastewater treatment plants
Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Contractors

Rainwater Harvesting

Site Levelling and Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting
Sludge handling systems.

Sludge handling systems.

Sludge handling systems.

Control Systems

Air pollution Control Systems & Equipments

Control Systems
Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis / Nano Filtration Plants

Ultra Filtration Plants

Ultra Filtration Plants

Ultra Filtration Plants
Zero Liquid Discharge

Zero Liquid Discharge

Zero Liquid Discharge

Multiple effect Evaporator

Multiple effect Evaporator

Multiple effect Evaporator
Agitated  Thin Film Dryer (ATFD)

Agitated Thin Film Dryer (ATFD)

Agitated Thin Film Dryer (ATFD)


Industrial and domestic buildings




SL.No. Name of CETP Capacity Nature of Services Offered
1 M/s. Angeripalayam Common Effluent Treatment Plant Co. Ltd., Tirpur – 3 8000 KLD Consultancy and Supply of moving mechanisms erection of entire Electro Mechanical Works and Commissioning of CETP Laying of Collection and Conveying system (HDPE pipes supplied by the Client)
2 M/s. Karur Vanchi Dyeing Envirotech Ltd. Vangal Road. Karur. 1150 KLD Consultancy, Civil, Supply, Erection Testing & commissioning of all Electro Mechanical Equipements and Commissioning of CEPT Supply and laying of Conveying system including one number of collection well cum pumping station.
3 M/s. Karur Andan Koil Pollution Control Ltd. Andan Koil, Karur. 1250 KLD Laying of Conveying system including one number of collection well cum pumping station.
4 M/s. Karur Taluk Dyeing Enviro Ltd, Karur. 1350 KLD Construction of Pumping station and Pipeline works
5 M/s. Karur Sellandipalayam Pollution Control Limited , Karur.   1. Supply of Sand Filters 180m32 Nos.
2. Construction of Pumping Station.
6 M/s. Kovai Telungupalayam CETP Pvt. Ltd., No. 72C, Bharathi Road, Telunguoalayam, Coimbatore – 39 4000 KLD Construction of CETP and laying of Collection and Cinveying system (Hdpe pipes supplied by the Client) on turn Key Basis nearing completion.
7 M/s. Karur sukkaliyar CETP Company Ltd., Sukkaliyur (PO), Karur – 3   Construction of Clarfiflocculation Tank and supply of Clarifiers 2 Nos. and other mechanical equipments.
8 65 Numbers of RO/Nano Filtration Plants at Karur 50 m3/day to 500m3/day Design, Supply, Erection & Commissioning of RO/Nano Filtration Plant
SL.No. Name and Address of the companyName of CETP Capacity Type of Industry Nature of work Project Cost
9 Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development corporation (Kerala State Govt. Corporation) Trivandrum 400m3/day Sewage / Effluent Treatment Plant for food Processing units. Design, construction and commissioning of CETP and conveying system on Turnkey basis Rs.92.00 Lakhs
10 ST-CMS Electric Company 250mw LFPP power project (ALSTOM Group) Uthangal, Virudhachalam 30m3/day Sewage Treatment Plant for Employees/workers in power project Design, Construction and Commissioning of Sewage Treatment Plant and conveying pipeline work on turnkey basis. Rs.37.00 Lakhs
11 More than 100 numbers of RO Plant for Bleaching & Dyeing Units at Tiruppur 50m3/day to 200 m3/day Bleaching & Dyeing unit Design, Supply, Erection & Commissioning of RO Plant Rs.250 Lakhs
12 M/s. Midas Golden Distilleries Pvt. Ltd., 2/207, Padappai Pusphagiri Rd, Padappai 200 m3/day Distillery Effluent Design, Supply, Erection & Commissioning of ETP & RO Plant Rs.87 Lakhs
13 KovaiTelungupalayam CETP (P) Ltd., 72-C, Bharathi Road, Telungupalayam, Coimbatore. 4000m3/day Common Effluent Treatment plant for Dyeing and Bleaching Units. Design, construction and commissioning of CETP and conveying system on turnkey basis Rs.4.60 Crores
14 M/s. EID Parry (India) Ltd., Parry Nutraceuticals Division, Kadiapatti-Nemathanpatti Road, Oonaiyur Village, Panangudi (PO), Pudukkotai Dist – 622 505 220 m3/day Algae Effluent Design, Supply, Erection & Commissioning of ETP, RO & Evaporator Rs.270 lakhs
15 M/s. Larsen & Toubro Ltd. Earth moving machine Services 2/614,post Box No:29, Arcot Road, Mugalivakkam,Porur, Chennai-600 016 30 m3/day Sewage Design, Supply, Civil Construction, Erection and Commissioning Rs. 25 Lakhs
16 M/s. Rane Engine Valves Ltd, Plant 5(Trichy Plant) Survey No: 110-111, Seniapathi, Viralimalai Union, Pudukottai Dist 30 m3/day Sewage Design, Supply, Erection and Commissioning Rs. 12 Lakhs


SL.No. Name of work Name of client Remarks
1 Construction of Polytechnic college building in 4 floors, of 15000 SQFT in each floor Devangar Polytechnic College D.Vadipatti, Periyakualam Theni District. Completed on Sep 2014
2 Construction of 146 Nos. residential flats, (stilt + 9 floors), in 2 blocks at Vanagaram Guru Ragavendra Foundation 50, BB Road Perambur Chennai – 600 011 Completed on Feb 2015
3 Construction of sewage treatment plant of capacity 3 MLD at Thirumazhisai Town Panchayath Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board, Chennai Completed on Sep 2014


SL.No. Name of work Name of client Project Cost
1 Revamping / improvement work in the existing ETP 1, ETP 2, UF 1, UF 2, RO 1, RO 2, RO 3, MEE and ATFD M/s. EID Parry (India) Ltd., Parry Nutraceuticals Division, Kadiapatti-Nemathanpatti Road, Oonaiyur Village, Panangudi (PO), Pudukkotai Dist – 622 505 Rs. 207 Lakhs
2 Installation of Additional RO system M/s. Vettuvapalayam CET & Recycling Plant (P) Ltd. SF No. 40, Sambavayal Thottam, Vettuvapalayam, Mangalam, Tirupur – 641 663 Rs. 101 Lakhs


  • M/s. Larsen & Toubro Limited, LTM Business Unit, Chennai
  • M/s. Larsen & Toubro Limited, Service Centre, Mugalivakkam, Chennai
  • M/s. MM Forgings Limited, Sivagangai
  • M/s. Sundaram Fastners Limited, Pondicherry
  • M/s. Irizar TVS Limited, Viralimalai
  • M/s. Pallavaram Common Effluent Treatment Plant Pvt. Ltd. (Tannery)
  • M/s. Sanmar Foundries Limited, Viralimalai
  • M/s. Indian Airlines Ltd. (Sewage)
  • M/s. ST-CMS Electric Company Pvt. Ltd. (ALSTOM Group) Sewage
  • M/s. Angeripalayam Common Effluent Treatment Plant Pvt. Ltd. (Dyeing & Bleaching)
  • M/s. Karur Vanchi Dyeing Enviro Tech. Ltd. (Dyeing & Bleaching)
  • M/s. Karur Andan Koil Pollution Control Ltd. (Dyeing & Bleaching)
  • M/s. Kovai Telungupalayam Common Effluent Treatment Plant (P) Ltd. (Dyeing & Bleaching)
  • M/s. KINFRA Industrial Park Ltd., Kerala
  • M/s. Vettuvapalayam Common Effluent Treatment and Recycling Plant Private Limited. (Dyeing & Bleaching)
  • M/s. Midas Golden Distilleries (P) Ltd. (Distillery Effluent), Padappai, Chennai
  • M/s. Kals Distilleries, Pudukkottai
  • M/s. EID Parry (India) Ltd, Parry Neutraceuticals Division, Chennai.
  • M/s. Pioneer Infoserve Systems Pvt. Ltd., Siruseri

Sewage Water Treatment Plant

Residential colony is one of the most promising sectors of our life. Projects in this sector require end-to-end Water and Wastewater Treatment that come with hassle-free set-up and management. This solution should be flexible to fit specific needs, scalable to fit future requirements and cost-effective. Communities are increasingly demanding eco-friendly l1. ifestyles. As the news about water scarcity is fast becoming a reality, citizens are themselves driving the demand for greener projects that allow water conservation along with recycling and energy savings.

ENREC offer an eco friendly, package Sewage Treatment Plant to treat the domestic sewage generated from the residential complexes which deals with an efficient and cost effective solution for all sectors which helps to minimize the operational cost and to recover more percentage of water.

ENREC’s package Sewage Treatment Plant can efficiently treat the sewage and effectively meet the demand of water in residential apartment. It can be easily installed and operated and can be moved to new sites. In various environmental and municipal emergencies this plant is preferred. Our plant is a single unit In that you have to make sewage collection tank in civil structure at the site and polishing treatment plant (equipments). Enrec will supply you in skid mounted compact package also.

Salient Features of Package STP

  •  On ground / under ground / open terrace structure with compact design & completely covered plant.
  •   No foul odour around the STP area or in the receiving environment.
  •  Requires minimum monitoring and operation.
  •  Works well with inconsistent grey water flow.
  •  Minimal sludge generation.
  •  Zero liquid from STP.
  •  Extremely low Maintenance.
  •  Comparatively less power consumption compared to conventional aerobic treatment.
  •  Minimal foot Print
  •  Semi automatic and automatic plant operation.
  •  Treated water quality within permissible limit
  •  Environmentally Safe, to treated sewage water dispose in Land or Water body.
  •  Treated water can be reuse for gardening, toilet flushing, landscape, irrigation, construction, application etc

Reuse Application

  •  Gardening
  •  Toilet Flushing
  •  Landscape Irrigation
  •  Cooling Tower, if applicable
  •  Car Washing
  •  Fire Sprinklers
  •  Non potable use


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