Sewage Water Treatment Plant

Residential colony is one of the most promising sectors of our life. Projects in this sector require end-to-end Water and Wastewater Treatment that come with hassle-free set-up and management. This solution should be flexible to fit specific needs, scalable to fit future requirements and cost-effective. Communities are increasingly demanding eco-friendly l1. ifestyles. As the news about water scarcity is fast becoming a reality, citizens are themselves driving the demand for greener projects that allow water conservation along with recycling and energy savings.

ENREC offer an eco friendly, package Sewage Treatment Plant to treat the domestic sewage generated from the residential complexes which deals with an efficient and cost effective solution for all sectors which helps to minimize the operational cost and to recover more percentage of water.

ENREC’s package Sewage Treatment Plant can efficiently treat the sewage and effectively meet the demand of water in residential apartment. It can be easily installed and operated and can be moved to new sites. In various environmental and municipal emergencies this plant is preferred. Our plant is a single unit In that you have to make sewage collection tank in civil structure at the site and polishing treatment plant (equipments). Enrec will supply you in skid mounted compact package also.

Salient Features of Package STP

  • On ground / under ground / open terrace structure with compact design & completely covered plant.
  • No foul odour around the STP area or in the receiving environment.
  • Requires minimum monitoring and operation.
  • Works well with inconsistent grey water flow.
  • Minimal sludge generation.
  • Zero liquid from STP.
  • Extremely low Maintenance.
  • Comparatively less power consumption compared to conventional aerobic treatment.
  • Minimal foot Print
  • Semi automatic and automatic plant operation.
  • Treated water quality within permissible limit
  • Environmentally Safe, to treated sewage water dispose in Land or Water body.
  • Treated water can be reuse for gardening, toilet flushing, landscape, irrigation, construction, application etc

Reuse Application

  • Gardening
  • Toilet Flushing
  • Landscape Irrigation
  • Cooling Tower, if applicable
  • Car Washing
  • Fire Sprinklers
  • Non potable use